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The do-it-yourself at-home surgery kit

The do-it-yourself at-home surgery kit

Here’s a rusty knife. Here’s a video I saw on YouTube once. Here are some instructions I read on Quora… Okay, how hard can it be? Actually, it might be very hard. Actually, expertise has value. Actually, just because someone said it on the internet doesn’t mean it’s true. Or useful. Experts aren’t always right. […]       

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Greg Esler seeks 'balance' after stepping down as De La Salle basketball coach

Greg Esler remembers when someone asked Tom Izzo how you balance coaching with family life. “You don't,” the Michigan State icon said.
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"Last Chance U" director on Coach Beam's "Yoda-like" wisdom & the Oakland team's sacrifices

They weren't living in dorms and they didn't have any kind of a meal plan that was provided by the team. In previous years, practice would end and we …
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